House For Rent

Why rent a Hotel Room, when you can stay and rent a full house in the famous Ruta del Vino, Baja's Wine country.

Rental policies
  • A house, right in the middle of the winery
  • It has 3 bedrooms (with en bathroom suite)
  • Panoramic view surrounding the vineyard
  • Living room with fireplace
  • Kitchen with dining room
  • Garden area, jealously guarded by Candelaria (the gardener)
  • Resting area deck
  • Grill
  • Pool
  • SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio
  • Our job is doing everything as possible to ensure your comfort and a pleasant stay while you visit the different wineries in the region
  • You will enjoy complete privacy, and you'll have Rancho Cien Piedras all to yourselves
  • We will provide you with towels, toiletries
  • We can offer tours to different wineries (by appointment)
  • *** You can rent the house for special events, with maximum capacity for 150 people ***
  • No smoking inside the household
  • No pets
  • No damage gardens or fruit
  • The check-in and check-out is at 12 pm
  • Pay deposit
  • There will be no additional charges during your stay in our Ranch
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Tel: (646) 947-8767, (646) 185-1941
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